Today we walked the Charles Bridge, the most famous bridge in Prague. I took a picture of Susan sitting in one of the religious icons on the bridge but I don’t know what it symbolises – perhaps I’ll find out tomorrow.

The second picture is of Susan at the Bakeshop (the little one). We were introduced to the owner of the Bakeshop on a free walking tour of Prague. We were told his wife was born in Brisbane so I went back today with Susan to see if I could take a picture. He was thrilled to see us, gave us a free coffee and told us his wife was working at the little Bakeshop across the other side of the river and was keen for us to see her. So, this afternoon we visited Carolyn at the little Bakeshop. I explained about our koala predicament. She was disgusted as she used to be a Veterinary Nurse. Carolyn has an instagram page and offered to link it to Koala Bay so I gave her a Koala Bay card. I did tell her that the web site was not yet up and running. I also gave her 2 tiny koalas made in China for her children. She was very excited to meet us. Hence the photograph. We could give the Bakeshop in Prague a plug. It is really lovely – all the food is baked fresh each day. (Am I a nut or what!!!)

Tomorrow we start our river cruise.

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