WOW WOW WOW! … I’m on the Holland America ship, ‘Maasdam’ with my keeper again for another cruise and no doubt will have another fabulous time telling people about how precious Australian koalas are.  Popeye has given me my own private journal so people who want to help us work to protect koalas can write comments in my book. We’ll cruise through Panama Canal arriving San Diego. Then through to Boston on the Freedom Trail following the red brick line to all the historical sites. Cartagena in Colombia to see my favourite colour, you guessed it, GREEN but this time it’s not gum trees, it’s emeralds!  Oct 2 we will be in Las Vegas

It’s exciting being with my keeper. She’s just told me she’s got a surprise. She’s taking me on further travels to Columbia, San Jose, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico and Seattle. I told you this was a biggie. Oct 6 we go on Tans Pacific Cruise  on Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas which will take us to  I forget where before arriving back home in Sydney. Qantas will bring us home to Brisbane on Oct 30.

I’ll bring my journal back with me Popeye so you can print all the things people have written.

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