Redlands has one of the highest number of koala populations in SE Queensland and yet there’s no Koala Care Unit. Most of the koalas that need immediate treatment have to be taken to Mogill Koala Hospital and even Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital in the Sunshine Coast often relying on transfer or relay transport. Currumbin Wildlife Hospital is too far for our wildlife ambulance. These are long trips to subject sick, injured and stressed animals to, and for our volunteers to make, which in peak season seems to be at least two or three times a week. We’ll be campaigning hard over the next year to get funding and a site for their care.

Every donation counts, so do help us to make this a reality. Koala Bay will be giving all the profit from every item purchased for this cause. Every cent goes back into the costs of making this project a reality.

We have looked at the modelling from Lismore Koala Care Centre which has been running successfully for 20 years. So successful it is now funding a full koala triage and treatment centre for 2018 and has further plans for a full hospital.

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Baby koala at Currumbin treated for broken arm under anaesthetic.

Baby koala at Currumbin treated for broken arm under anaesthetic.


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