I was so lucky to catch a koala keeper who was just about to leave Redlands for a family holiday in Cairns and Townsville. They weren’t expecting me to pop into their travel plans but when I asked they said “Well we’ve never taken a koala on holiday before, so why not?”

Imagine my excitement at being on the same flight as those not very happy campers ‘North Queensland Cowboys’.   My keeper told me they had just lost their chance of the finals being beaten by The Melbourne Storm.  Those boys were not happy. My keeper helped me wave to them but they didn’t wave back. I wondered if they wanted me to sign their autograph book so my keeper quickly took me up to meet them but the Cowboys keeper told my keeper the boys were all too tired to meet anyone. Never mind, maybe they will look me up when they’re more refreshed next time they’re in Brisbane. We can swap autographs.





Tully was a funny place. I had my picture taken on the gumboot and I had to climb up the boot and hide from my keeper. It took her ages to find me Hehe. They said Tully is the wettest greenest town in Australia. You have to see it. There’s green tree frogs everywhere. They boinged past me at the pub where they serve deep fried tree frog, or so I was told but maybe they were pulling my leg. I loved Tully and would go back there again if I’m allowed back. Having no interest with being surrounded by banana trees and sugar cane,  I went to the world-heritage rainforest. It’s a wowsa

info on Tully https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tully,_Queensland

Port Douglas Botanical Gardens was a tropical wonderland where I got up close and personal with the flutterbys, had a swing on the ginger plants and my keeper said the best part was everything was free. Can you imagine that? Everything you ever wanted to see – for free. Now that’s my type of travel.  These days my koala family have to beg for our food so sitting here was like being at the Gentry Hotel in premier luxury and all for free.

I managed to thumb  a ride to the Northern Brewing Company where I’m told “The beer from up here is a home grown success story and we know it’s time to give the rest of Australia a true taste of Queensland.” What did I think of the beer? Well my koala keeper said I can’t have alcohol until I’m 18 so I guess that means I’ll be too old to write about it so  you’re never going to hear about it from me.


 But, my favourite part of the trip was swimming in a pool and living to tell the story. My keeper put me in a floaty and swam with me so I was safe. I had read the not so good nerve racking experiences of some other koalas which I will share with you. If only they had also had a keeper to look after them and keep them safe aye?   Pools are very dangerous for koalas and my keeper put me in a boat and had a rope on me all the time.


That’s my Cairns holiday over for now and I’m going back home to Redlands to see what Cruisin Susan has been doing in Europe and if she’s had as much fun as me.


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