Susan Cruises to America Sep 7 2017

WOW WOW WOW! … I’m on the Holland America ship, ‘Maasdam’ with my keeper again for another cruise and no doubt will have another fabulous time telling people about how precious Australian koalas are.  Popeye has given me my own private journal so people who want to help us work to protect koalas can write comments in my book. We’ll cruise through Panama Canal arriving San Diego. Then through to Boston on the Freedom Trail following the red brick line to all the historical sites. Cartagena in Colombia to see my favourite colour, you guessed it, GREEN but this time it’s not gum trees, it’s emeralds!  Oct 2 we will be in Las Vegas

It’s exciting being with my keeper. She’s just told me she’s got a surprise. She’s taking me on further travels to Columbia, San Jose, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico and Seattle. I told you this was a biggie. Oct 6 we go on Tans Pacific Cruise  on Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas which will take us to  I forget where before arriving back home in Sydney. Qantas will bring us home to Brisbane on Oct 30.

I’ll bring my journal back with me Popeye so you can print all the things people have written.

Susan sends greetings from Prague

Today we walked the Charles Bridge, the most famous bridge in Prague. I took a picture of Susan sitting in one of the religious icons on the bridge but I don’t know what it symbolises – perhaps I’ll find out tomorrow.

The second picture is of Susan at the Bakeshop (the little one). We were introduced to the owner of the Bakeshop on a free walking tour of Prague. We were told his wife was born in Brisbane so I went back today with Susan to see if I could take a picture. He was thrilled to see us, gave us a free coffee and told us his wife was working at the little Bakeshop across the other side of the river and was keen for us to see her. So, this afternoon we visited Carolyn at the little Bakeshop. I explained about our koala predicament. She was disgusted as she used to be a Veterinary Nurse. Carolyn has an instagram page and offered to link it to Koala Bay so I gave her a Koala Bay card. I did tell her that the web site was not yet up and running. I also gave her 2 tiny koalas made in China for her children. She was very excited to meet us. Hence the photograph. We could give the Bakeshop in Prague a plug. It is really lovely – all the food is baked fresh each day. (Am I a nut or what!!!)

Tomorrow we start our river cruise.

Susan’s Travels

Hello again!

Here I am smelling the flowers at Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, in Spain’s Canary Islands, where I have gone on my first cruise ever! It has been so amazing! My keeper has given some of my tiny clip-on koala friends together with a special koala card to a few people we have met and who we’ve had a cuddle with on our travels. I start to miss my little friends sometimes, but I just think about how they’re out there, helping to make a difference and raise awareness for the terrible things that are happening to our homes back in Australia. There have been so many lovely people and one asked my keeper if she could donate directly to me as she wants her donation to go straight to us koalas. We like her.



The Moon Festival

What a time I’ve had. I got homesick when I ate my way through moon cake at the Moon Festival in Singapore. It wasn’t the cake that made me homesick (it lacked eucalyptus), but the moon festivities. My koala friends are moon lovers. The night is our playground.  I met another Susan who came to visit us. She’s my keepers friend and Susan 2 can’t believe I am losing my home and my food which are our trees. Susan 2 and her mate Kenny had no idea and said how could people be so short sighted? I dunno. My keeper couldn’t answer that.