It’s a no brainer.  My Koala family’s in a bad way. There’s not too many koalas left in Australia and we’re listed as vulnerable. Should be endangered to extinction and we have dedicated humans in AKF working on this for our koala family.  Numbers have dropped to around 80,000 nationally (was 220,000 five years ago) and us little fellas are running pretty scared now with scary words like extinction causing nervous shakes that turn to a deathly disease called Chlamydia.   Humans are saying 5-10 years is all we have left so I, Popeye needs to get all volunteers at Koala Bay to work hard and fast for all us koalas, not just us in Redlands.


The Koala Bay Battle Bus finds other passengers on board and has stepped up from the incredibly busy Redlands work load to help other humans working for our koala friends. Catastrophically large tree clearing has resulted in massive loss of food and homes for our friends in East Coomera. We  think we’re facing terrorism. Human passengers stepped on board our bus  this week to ask if we’d help East Coomera fight and change  the  dreadfully predicted deaths of more than 100-150 koalas friends and the displacement of 350 more. We’re thinking koala refugee camps is not the answer.  

Our latest Battle Bus passengers are humans supporting Coomera Conservation Group and the Koalas of Coomera, Queensland, Australia” and they badly need five thousand humans to sign their petition which was a message to the Queensland politicians. Only humans can sign and get a message to politicians because us koalas aren’t allowed to vote even though we’ve been on this earth over 50 million years and we call Australia ‘home’.  Coomera humans report their koalas are competing for increasingly smaller areas of habitat like us and our humans don’t like seeing malnourished, starving, injured, and diseased koalas either. Humans on our Battle Bus tell us we are losing koalas weekly everywhere across Queensland and my koala friends need you to tell the politicians that we don’t want to die.

Thank you all those that signed on the link below on our behalf. Not hard was it?

Popeye, Editor in Chief

Coomera Conservation Group – Home | Facebook

For more information click here to visit their facebook page.

Sign the petition.

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